Almost seven years ago the Great Storm that has given the Storm Sea its name cleared and explorers began to search the fabled lost content of Delgar, mythical homeland of the elves. They may have found it.

After two years of searching the first ships came back with tales of a strange new land. It was not what they expected. The legendary forests of the elf home are gone, if this new land is truly Delgar, in their place are the ruins of once great civilizations, monsters and beasts.

Soon the great nations of the old world begin to send colonists and explorers to claim new territory. A few cities spring up along the coast but the savage and dangerous heart of the continent has beaten back all attempts to forge inland.

To make matters worse the storm sea is the wintering ground for large pods of blue dragons making the crossing nearly impossible. Only in early spring when the pods move to their birthing grounds in the tropics is it safe to cross.

A noble looking to make a name for himself decided to cross the storm sea too early. his ship was lost. 47 people survived. The only thing that stands between them and the savagery of the Delgar wilderness is a group of young adventurers. Or not, the quest for loot may be to great a temptation for these heroes.

Will they be heroes or treasure hunters? Will the survivors be rescued or will they make their own fortunes in the new world? And why did the noble leave so early?

The answered will be found on Unknown Shores.

The unknown shore

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